“Jessica is an inspiring example of what it is to be an embodied presence. Her words pour out from her body with ease and clarity and she possesses the natural ability to connect others to their physical experience in an empowering and transformative way. I absolutely loved her online training and the personal and bespoke atmosphere she creates in her group offerings. I can highly recommended working with Jessica if you are looking to deepen your self awareness and access your full range of emotions.”

~ Sam

"I want to thank you and acknowledge with my whole heart the deep and beautiful weaving that you've inspired, this work that you share and this incredible healing that you offer. There's no doubt in my mind, it is by no accident this depth and integrity that you transmit with your work."

~ Mary

"The wisdom Jessica channels, creates and shares is so profound. It is something totally different compared to other self-development, consciousness expansion, quantum physics and shamanic work out there. Out of this world in this world. It's so real, so powerful, so pure, so loving, so empowering, and so true. The power is in the deep experiences. The invitations, ignition, and rituals. Full organic and sacred embodiment: awaken the wisdom of our ancestors and ourselves into the body and into our full being. A deeply loving and expansive journey."

~ Frouke

"Jessica’s embodiment course took me on a synesthetic journey. The way her poetic words guided me not only into an intuitive movement practice, but also into opening myself to the crossover between senses. What does sound smell like? What color is it? How does breath move inside my body? And how does all of it become an intimate dance of soul, organs, bones, skin, and breath? I’m so grateful to have been part of this course, it gave my yoga and dance practices an entire new dimension that is uniquely mine, one where I get to FEEL music deeply in my body and let it move me from a place of surrender."

~ Miriam

"Jessica's circles are transformational. I've been to many women's circles and hers was the answer to the call home. Gathering in circle with her, I felt guided alongside the clear conduit that is her heart. In that safe place, you learn to fly. Enjoy your seat at the altar of your heart - Jessica will open the cracks so the light streams out and you feel more connected to yourself and the whole world."

~ Kelly

"Through her love to herself, the elements and other women, she breaks social norms and expectation, whilst never following the status quo. Her instinctive wisdom flows from her and guides other women's minds, bodies and spirits to find their own flow. I highly recommend Jessica if you want to learn and understand how to truly care for yourself in a world with so many mixed messages."

~ Becky