Embodiment Coaching

In these one-on-one sessions, I hold space for you to connect to the wisdom of your body and listen deeply to your inner knowing. These healing sessions give the power back to you to gently unlock the parts of yourself that have created discomfort and pain in your body, mind and life. I truly believe that the only person with the power to heal you is you. I do not call myself a healer. I simply hold the skills to create safe space and guide you to the places that long to be heard. Your body knows how to heal itself when it is given permission to do so. These sessions are meant to help you find flow in your being once again so that you may walk through the world in your power and share the gifts you have come here to share.

Embodiment coaching is for those interested in experiencing optimal well-being through creating deep connections in the mental/emotional/physical/energetic bodies. In sessions, we utilize a somatic approach to explore where subconscious patterns may be creating blockages. I use a variety of holistic techniques to meet you where you are so that through that meeting, together we can shift dis-ease to a felt-sense of flow.

Methods in a session may include a blend of talk therapy, somatic practices, bodywork, energy work, guided meditation & movement and breath work. If you are looking for relief from stress or anxiety, have experienced trauma, carry chronic pain, experience blocks in your energetic flow or simply need some support getting through a challenging time, embodiment coaching sessions may be for you.

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Yoga Therapy

Tailored to your needs and desires, a private yoga therapy session can be done in the comfort of your home. If you experience stress, anxiety, depression or chronic pain, personalized yoga sessions can help you find more flow and ease in your body and mind. Or perhaps you are interested in up-leveling your personal practice, gaining more strength and challenging your body's abilities. In that case, sessions can be designed to get you to where you want to be quicker than could be possible in through taking public classes.

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