About Me

We are all teachers.

My highest intention is to guide you to realizing that within YOU lies the wisdom of every guru and the power of every shaman.

When you see that nothing is to be sought outside of yourself, only then will you fully embody the medicine you came here to share. 

I remember being constantly woken up in the middle of the night with a feeling of not-enoughness. I was haunted by an inner voice that kept telling me, "You're not living your purpose. You aren't accessing your potential." I knew there was more to this life than the way I was used to living, so I went on a journey to uncover the desires that were hiding underneath those whispers in the night. I traveled to India to take my first yoga teacher training and then followed that with over 1000 hours of trainings all over the world. I immersed myself in the world of plant medicine, sat in silent meditation retreats, danced with over 700 women in Danza de la Luna, participated in endless tantric and embodiment workshops and lived in conscious communities. When I discovered the school of Embodied Flow, I knew I was touching upon what had been calling me all along. My body was begging me to listen to it and to move through the world from the wisdom of my inner compass. Since that initial meeting, I attended and assisted multiple advanced trainings with my teachers Tara Judelle and Scott Lyons and then went on to study EF Somatic Movement Therapy with Scott and Myra Avedon. 

Amidst all of the practices, the teachers, the medicines and the places I have been, my greatest lesson has been in waking up to the power that is, always has been, and will forever remain within.

My offerings are embodied gateways of waking up.

I offer these gateways from my lived experience. They are designed to transmit a somatic experience of sovereignty and a felt-sense of flow. I create space for individuals to embody their unique magic and express authentically - whether in physical movement in a yoga practice, touch or talk therapy in an embodiment coaching session or sharing in a women’s circle. I am not interested in people simulating everything I tell them to do in a process of follow the leader. My heartfelt hope is that my guidance will inspire individuals to tap into their power so that these practices lead them towards moving authentically through the world. Only when we have healed the personal can we heal the collective.

The magic in me sees and honors the magic in you.


Originally from Canada, Jessica is an embodiment coach, an embodied movement facilitator, a women's gatherer, and an Embodied Flow Inspired yoga teacher. She passionately guides private sessions, online courses, workshops, classes and international retreats. Jessica has a bachelor's degree in Social Work & Women's Studies, over 1000 hours of YTTs in Akhanda, Anusara, Yin and Embodied Flow and a holds a certificate in EF Somatic Movement Therapy. Jessica's intention is to help individuals birth into their purpose through creating a more consciously connected relationship with their bodies.