The origin of the word welcome means 'to arrive from desire'.

Desire is why we are here. 

We arrived in these human bodies from a soul desire to experience our divinity. 

Soul desire has a particular je ne sais quoi to it.
You can feel it's pulse in your blood.

I am devoted to that pulse of power within you.

Not the tainted definition that we have adopted of power, but the type of power that is found in full surrender.

It is power in it's purest form.

It takes an untraining of the mind and a recalibration of the body to claim this type of power. 

I invite you into your body as you explore this space. 

I invite you to feel.

If I was interested in speaking to your mind here, I would list out all the certificates I have so that you could decide whether or not I was accomplished enough for you to work with me.

But you're not here for me. 

You're here because a desire in YOU brought you here. 

If it feels resonant to stay, write me and we can talk about how we can work together. 


May all the places you arrive come from your deepest soul desire.