The Dark Feminine 

A Weekend Retreat in Santa Elena, Colombia

October 30 - November 1

in the dark, life is created...

In this intimate gathering of women, we will harness the energy of this super power weekend where the full moon will be combined with Celtic festival Samhain, Day of the Dead (in Mexico) and Halloween to unmask and unleash the power that lies in the dark.

This weekend will be filled with ceremony, embodied movement, somatic practices, sacred sister circle and nourishing nature.

The dark feminine is a part of us all...

Understanding this archetype and embracing her is the only way we will ever be able to master our fullest potential as women.

During this weekend, we will be exploring the dark feminine and learning how to embody her to live our most empowered lives possible.

What's included:

- 2 nights on a beautiful finca in Santa Elena

- 6 vegetarian meals

- daily guided embodied movement journeys

- daily meditation and journaling

- full moon ceremony

- drum journey

- cacao ceremony

- sacred sister circles

- hike to a nearby waterfall

- embodiment philosophy and it’s connection to the dark feminine archetype and dark goddesses

pricing includes everything above...

Shared room: 525,000 COP

Private room: 695,000 COP

To sign up, write me here


“Jessica is an inspiring example of what it is to be an embodied presence. Her words pour out from her body with ease and clarity and she possesses the natural ability to connect others to their physical experience in an empowering and transformative way. I absolutely loved her online training and the personal and bespoke atmosphere she creates in her group offerings. I can highly recommended working with Jessica if you are looking to deepen your self awareness and access your full range of emotions.”

~ Sam

"I attended a yoga retreat with Jessica in Morocco. I was a beginner at yoga and also just beginning to find self awareness and self love. I felt so comfortable and loved during this week and it completely changed my life, as everyday since, I am digging deeper and deeper. I truly don’t think without her I would’ve been able to take that step and come to a lot of realizations within myself. Jessica creates a space that’s super easy going and fun, but very intense if you need it to be. Jessica has made the uncomfortable parts of growth and change such a necessary and revitalizing experience for me."

~ Kelly

"Sitting in circle with Jessica has changed my relationship with myself and with other women. I have discovered a newfound confidence in myself and I am now more able to see women as sisters and relate with them vulnerably and truthfully. In Jessica's guidance, I feel safe and in full trust that I will be taken on a transformative journey of healing and into deeper love. I am so grateful for the space that she holds in circles and for all of the beautiful connections with women that have come to me through them."    

~ Sara