A 12-Week Journey of

Embodied Feminine Remembrance

march 28 - june 20

A woman's body is the vessel that contains her truth.

In a world that teaches women to hate their bodies and disconnect from their feminine power,

we've got some alchemizing to do.

We have become so comfortable playing small.

We've bought into the idea that there is a right way to live life, prescribed to us by a society that has shunned the feminine for ages.

Our desires have been so turned away from in an attempt to fit into the mould of what is expected of us.

Our truth has become a foreign language.

It is no wonder so many women feel dissatisfied with life yet don't know what they truly want.

The training of the patriarch has been embedded in our bones for generations.

Embodying the feminine path is an inevitable unraveling from these trained ways of being so that we may become the women we have come here to be.

The potency of this journey can...

~ unravel the ways you have been disconnected from the feminine

~ rewire you to your truth and the medicine you are here to serve

~ unapologetically ground you in your body

~ bring you back in touch with your power

~ expand your capacity to hold and express emotions

~ realign your relationship with purpose in the feminine way

~ invite more sensuality into your life

~ be a portal of feminine magic

This journey is potent.


It is vital that you are ready for it and willing to show up in your fullness to be here.

If you're ready for it, you will feel the pull from within drawing you towards it.

When that pull brings you into this container, I am here to be a guide to help uncover the feminine power and wisdom you have locked within.

I am here to facilitate an opening.

What I am not here for is to hold the responsibility for you.

Doing so would be offering you a great disservice.

Because for true feminine embodiment to happen, it must be done by she who is embodying.

I also want you to know that you will not be alone in this journey.

That we were never meant to take this journey alone.

I open this journey as a continuation of the unfolding of the path I too have been guided on.

For, this is how we as women remember.

We sit in circle together.

We share together.

We feel together.

We move together.

We remember together.

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This is a 12 week journey.

The journey has 6 rites of passage.

We will meet once per week (for a total of 12 meetings).

Each rite will be a 2-week passage, where the first week will be diving into the passage through sacred circle discussion, contemplation and embodied movement practice. In the following week, we will go deeper into the theme with a group coaching call.

We will be an intimate group of women. Through private group chat, there will be regular check-ins and space to reflect and be witnessed in your journey.

Individual sessions will be available over the program for 50% off.

One-time payment of 697usd


3 monthly payments of 245usd

Write me here to apply