I know it is possible for every single woman on this planet to love their bodies, to fall in love with themselves and to create a life that they love. I know this because my journey has led me to a profound experience of self-love. And though it feels like nothing short of a miracle to have arrived here, it has simply been through a process of unlearning the wounded ways I had been taught to be in relationship with myself as a woman and learning how to embody the truth of who I am. 

My transition from girl to woman was extremely dark. My teenage years found me lost in a myriad of self-destructive habits including bulimia, cutting and various attempts at suicide. Patterns of low self worth and minuscule confidence continued through my twenties.
I was never taught to honour my body and trust the truth of who I was. On the contrary, I felt hopeless in a world that told me to be seen and not heard and that I was only worthy of love if I fit into the box of beauty prescribed by the society I lived in. It pains me to know that this is a reality that so many women in this world get stuck in their entire lives. 

I am devoted to empowering women to watch everything in their lives shift as they learn to love themselves again. Here is a short version of the story of how I got here.

Having always felt compelled to be in service to humanity and specifically to work with women led me to getting a bachelors degree in Social Work & Women's Studies. After completing university, the thought of going out and getting a job felt fraudulent to me. Sure, I had read the text books, went to the lectures, passed the exams and got the certificate. But something in me knew that working in a field where I imagined I would be stewarding the empowerment of women meant that I needed to empower myself first. For, up until then, I hadn't done anything to unwind the knots of self-hate that were holding strong from within since my teenage years.

I couldn't quite put my finger on it at the time, but a part of me knew the world I was living in had a deeply confused message about what it meant to be a woman and there was some serious soul searching I needed to do. So I began to travel. Eventually, I landed in India for my first yoga teacher training and it was there that I had a real first chance to look at the distorted relationship I had built with myself. In the years following, I continued diving in, taking over 1000 hours of yoga and meditation trainings, countless workshops and masterclasses, practicing yoga everyday and teaching full-time. 

Eventually, my yoga studies brought me to the school of Embodied Flow™, with whom I attained and assisted an advanced yoga training and eventually completed a Somatic Movement Therapy program. The somatic work was a powerful homecoming. It gave me permission to feel and to express what I was holding inside me. The embodiment practices felt like a nourishing portal to the feminine - a gateway I hadn't yet experienced through traditional yogic practices (which were potent in helping me access consciousness but which I experienced to be very masculine). Through giving me access to feel more, the somatic work opened me to my sensuality and experiencing the beauty of being in my body.

Since my initiation into the world of embodiment, I have deepened my exploration of the feminine with various teachers, I have had the honour to call myself a moon dancer in La Danza de La Luna in Mexico for the past couple of years and at present, I am humbled to have the opportunity to work extensively with a grandmother here in Colombia, supporting her in Temazcal and other ceremonies that she offers under the Mexica tradition - a tradition that honours ‘Camino Rojo’.

On this path I have walked, I have come to see that being in right relationship with life is as simple as being in right relationship with oneself. The consistent theme of love that has tracked through the yoga, somatics, feminine work and ceremonies has shown me that my embodiment matters and that how I show up with myself creates a rippling effect in the world around me. We are here as women to be the love in a world that has forgotten what that truly means.

It is with humility that I offer myself in service to guiding women into a deeper sense of love for themselves and for life itself.