Alchemy Embodied

a somatic

Foundations of Feminine Embodiment

A 4-week Online Program

November 21 - December 19, 2021

There was a time when women knew their bodies to be places of worship.

For, their bodies contained the answers to every prayer.

Our bodies haven't disconnected from the sacred.

We've disconnected from our bodies.

Temple is a foundational program that is designed to offer you an essential understanding of feminine embodiment and to somatically integrate your learning through embodied movement practices.

This program is for you if you desire to...

~feel safe and at home in your body

~trust yourself again

~access unbridled creative expression

~attune your listening and activate your intuition

~have a relationship with yourself that is based on love

~heal distorted beliefs about your body

~rectify your self-confidence

~deepen your connection to spirit

Temple will take us on a journey through 4 rites:

Rite I: Returning to Safety

Rite II: Heeding Surrender

Rite III: Tending to Your Fire

Rite IV: Nurturing Self-Love

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It is your birthright to feel safe in your body so that you can surrender to your soul and live your life in unwavering love.

Even if you were not raised to believe this,

Even if you live in a society that tells you it's not possible,

Even if you feel locked out of your own body.

This journey begins with your desire to return home to your temple.

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During these 4 weeks, we will gather once per week for 1.5hrs via Zoom.

You will receive 4 guided embodied movement practice videos (one per week in alignment with the week's theme).

There will be bi-weekly journaling prompts.

You will receive a tailored playlist in alignment with each week's theme to move to every day.

We will have a private chat space in which you can digest the calls and practices and connect with the other women.

Being on a group journey with other women has great potential to birth pure connections and lasting sisterhoods.

As a part of this journey, you have the option to do 1:1 coaching with Jessica at a discounted rate. 

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4-Week Feminine Embodiment Journey

Begins November 21st

Investment: $333