• 27/03/2019 673 Comments
    Vagina Spirit Animals

    “Before we come back from our tea break, make sure you go to the washroom and check that there’s no toilet paper stuck in the lips of your vagina!” A nervous giggle waved throughout the room.

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  • 21/11/2018 1 Comment
    Her Wild Splendor

    I love to be with an embodied woman. 

    For she reflects what is possible in me.

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  • 25/10/2018 0 Comments
    Welcome to my Fire

    Tending to my fire has been my greatest life’s work. 

    For as long as I can remember, I’ve wavered between a smoky purposelessness, a raging blaze of anxiety, a dim flame passion for life and an unstoppable forest fire raging for power. These flames have spread throughout the crevices of my body, from my heart to my belly to the space between my legs. It’s probably why I’ve always had a soft spot for firemen.

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  • 03/09/2017 0 Comments
    Bird Medicine - a poem

    May you wake as the sun offers day’s first light

    And burst into song in life’s pure delight

    For today is a day totally new 

    It is the only day; made solely for you

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  • 24/07/2017 0 Comments
    there's magic in the mystery

    Come out into the mystery with me. It will reveal to you life’s magic. 

    Hop off your safety net. Leave your comforts aside. I know that leaving what you know sounds absurd and terrifying, but I promise it will be worth it. But I cannot tell you how worth it it will be. Only time can do that.

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  • 12/07/2017 0 Comments
    an ode to my brothers

    The time has arrived for the feminine to rise. We have resided in the rule of the masculine for a long time. Much has evolved and benefited greatly over this period. But the masculine has also taken on extreme attributes, leading us to places of imbalance and into a day and age where greed and exploitation are shockingly real.

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  • 15/06/2017 36 Comments
    holding space

    what it truly means to hold space - a video

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  • 15/05/2017 2 Comments
    dear mom

    Thank you.
    Thank you for walking the steps you’ve walked.
    If you hadn’t walked them, I wouldn’t be able to walk the steps I’m walking today.
    You carried the lineage of your mother and your mother’s mother, taking with you words of ancient stories and writing your own where you saw fit.

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  • 18/12/2016 1 Comment
    hardship & the call to evolve

    Life can be wretched. This I know. I’ve felt the sting of unworthiness work its poison through my veins. I’ve experienced loneliness that shook me so hard my bones throbbed. I’ve laid in the depths of depression, hoping for its torture to take me out of my misery. And although I wasn’t always able to hear it in the fleeting moments that life left me gasping for air, the universe was always there whispering sweetly: ‘this is your initiation.’

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  • 30/11/2016 0 Comments
    you are the keeper of the universe

    There is a great miracle in you.
    For, within you exists it all.

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  • 18/08/2016 0 Comments
    the science of not giving a fuck

    I have given a fuck for most of my life.I have given a fuck about what people think of me. I have given a fuck about right and wrong. I have given a fuck about being normal. I have given a fuck about fitting in. And all this giving a fuck has done nothing but made me really fucking tired. 

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  • 03/07/2016 1 Comment
    goddess river

    She was raging when I sat down inside of her. As her spirit swam around my naked body, I shivered at her touch. I felt her pull coming from the back of me. She was pure power. From one moment to the next, I felt how strong she truly was. And without a chance to get my bearings, she took me.

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  • 22/06/2016 0 Comments
    slow down. you're going way too fast.

    Slow down. You’re going way too fast.
    You’re burning your energy and depleting your resources. You’ve become so concerned with what’s happening outside that you’ve forgotten how to listen to what’s happening inside.

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  • 13/03/2016 0 Comments
    dead weight

    there's dead weight in my suitcase
    of things i’ve carried with me for months
    things i haven’t touched
    things i know ill never touch

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  • 11/09/2015 0 Comments
    unleash your wild beauty

    Beautiful one, do you know of your wildness? Or have you been domesticated for far too long? Do you feel a primitive pulse of beauty through your veins? Or was that tamed and then forgotten years ago?
    For so long you have been fed thoughts and words and images of so-called normality that you have claimed them as your own.

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