unleash your wild beauty

Beautiful one, do you know of your wildness? Or have you been domesticated for far too long? Do you feel a primitive pulse of beauty through your veins? Or was that tamed and then forgotten years ago?
For so long you have been fed thoughts and words and images of so-called normality that you have claimed them as your own.

You’ve been ingeniously tricked into a web of lies about who you are and how you’re supposed to be. But somewhere in the depths of your oblivion lies a caged beauty howling for freedom. You likely cannot hear the cries though. You’ve dulled them all too well. You’ve skillfully camouflaged what you don’t want to be seen. What fear you’ve succumbed to; to be so ashamed of your beauty that you’ve held it down, put it in a straight jacket and locked it up in the cellar of your own heart. You have allowed your beauty to be overruled by insecurity and by what’s ‘normal’ and out of sheer horror of what others might think.

There is still hope though. No matter how malnourished, no amount of neglect can destroy your wild beauty.

Unleashing it is simple. It’s not easy. Hiding is easy. It is simple though.
All you need to do is remember. Remember how you cried openly as a child. Remember the healing elixir of nature’s beauty. Remember the feeling of laughing until your belly aches. Remember what makes your heart flutter against your chest. Remember what it’s like to dance like nobody is watching. Remember the sparkle in your eyes. Remember who you are as your best self. Remember that you are supported.
If you are reading this, this is your call to reclaim your beauty. By holding it captive, not only are you doing great injustice to yourself but you are depriving the world of a beauty that the world longs for.
So, beautiful one, are you ready to set yourself free? If you are starting to hear the muffled howls, then take a deep breath and take off the leash.

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