The Spirit of Beauty

A 6-week initiation into healing your relationship with the feminine

August 14 - September 25

Beauty holds raw feminine power...

As with all aspects of feminine power, beauty too has been both obnoxiously extorted and made to be deeply shameful at the same rate. 

The time has come to grieve the beauty lost to the hands of those who have distorted its power, to wash our eyes clean of the dullness we have been hypnotized into living and to purify our vision to see how much beauty lays within us, around us and before us.

The time has come to let in the power of beauty and to know it as who we are. 

This journey is a retraining of your relationship to beauty from a purely superficial connection to a deep remembrance of your connection to love, sensuality and the power of creation that you carry. 

This journey is a reclamation of your body and a coming home to your heart.

Journey with me for 6 weeks...

Module 1: Being Beauty

Module 1 is about setting ourselves free from the conditioning we have around beauty. It is an unraveling from the distorted ideals of beauty that keep us tied to a life of self-doubt, perfectionism and competition. Being beauty takes us back to the essence of beauty that lives within us and is an invitation to deepen into self through unbounded acceptance and love.

Module 2: Seeing Beauty

Module 2 is about clearing our system to refine our ability to see beauty everywhere. It is a shifting of our viewpoint to trust ourselves and trust life and to experience the world through our feminine sensuality and intuition. Seeing beauty lifts us to a higher vibration in which our lives become more abundant and filled with love.

Module 3: Creating Beauty

Module 3 is about claiming our power to create beauty in the way that is unique to each of us. It is remembering how to live life as ceremony and to do everything with the grace of prayer. Creating beauty roots us into the medicine we have come here to offer so that we can courageously live life in devotion to our soul.

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Is this path for me?

The Spirit of Beauty is for the woman who...

- is longing to connect deeply to her body and to her heart

- is ready to step into her power of creation and make lasting changes in her life

- yearns to fall in love with herself and to claim unbounded self-confidence and self-trust

- desires to attune to her inner wisdom and cultivate her creativity

- wants to understand how to channel the healing power of beauty to self-heal

- hears a call to live life as ceremony and create beauty everywhere she goes

- has the desire to reclaim her sensuality and be in devotion to the feminine

Program Structure

Participation for all sessions is strongly encouraged.

All calls will be recorded and available for a lifetime.

~ live 2hr zoom sessions every week (6 total)

~ each call includes an unpacking of the themes,

a guided embodied movement session,

and space to share your personal experience

& be witnessed in your journey

~ one 1:1 private embodiment coaching session with Jessica

~ somatic practices, meditations, rituals & journalling

~ discounted rate for additional 1:1 sessions if desired

~ private online community forum

~ playlists tailored to move through this journey


Early Bird (before July 14): $410

Regular price: $475

*prices are in usd

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