there's magic in the mystery

Come out into the mystery with me. It will reveal to you life’s magic. 

Hop off your safety net. Leave your comforts aside. I know that leaving what you know sounds absurd and terrifying, but I promise it will be worth it. But I cannot tell you how worth it it will be. Only time can do that.

There is no problem in living a life of stable comfortability. The problem comes when it’s dug you so deep in the groove of the daily grind that a wall forms around you. This wall blocks you from getting a glance at a most scintillating rainbow of possibility.
So long you have lived knowing what’s coming next. Isn’t it boring you to death? Because death is coming and I’m starting to wonder if you would prefer boring yourself to death than exploring yourself to death. I know it’s dark out there. I know darkness is scary. But only in darkness is there endless potential. If you never step out, you’ll never really know the depth of it. If you never step out, you’ll never experience what lies beyond your walls of comfort. If you never step out, you’ll never know the rawness of the human spirit to waver between emotions of total bliss and complete heartbreak. If you’ve never fully felt all the feels of existence then you haven’t truly lived. Why is it that feeling is so scary? It gives me chills (and not the good kind) to imagine that numbing is more tempting than feeling. Numbing creates a false sense of safety. Numbing is the opposite of living. To be numb is to be dead. And when you remain locked up in your house of luxuries, repeating the same stagnant routine day after day, something in you dies. Curiosity certainly dulls. Celebration definitely dwindles. Life turns into strife.
But there is good news here. Because when life starts to feel far from exciting and you get this inkling that there must be more than you’ve known, that is your push. You need to feel the dissatisfaction with the way life is going in order to expand above and beyond the way life is going. Challenge is always a precursor for taking a step out into the mystery. And it is never too late to step out. The mystery will always be waiting for you. It will swirl and twirl around you until you are ready to play. You may start by poking a toe out into it’s cool waters then get a shiver and retract back. But it’s ocean of salty stimulation will continue to draw you back out. You will dabble in the rebelliousness of not knowing. You will cry at uncertainty. You will laugh when the utter unexpected occurs. Your jaw will drop as you gaze at the sheer beauty of life’s dance. You will be brought to your knees over and over again as life unveils a continuum of colour before your very eyes.
There is magic in the mystery that cannot be viewed from the warmth of inside. The only way to experience it is to step out.
If you’re waiting to be ready, you’ll wait forever. You will never be ready for that which is not yet known. You cannot prepare for what has yet to be seen. So, dress for all sorts of weather.
And step out.
Magic awaits.


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