Her Wild Splendor

I love to be with an embodied woman. 

For she reflects what is possible in me.

When she speaks, I feel truth in her words. I cannot deny how they resonate in my heart, vibrate my spine and shake my soul.

She moves through the world in deep dialogue with the intuitive centre of her womb.

She isn’t a people pleaser or an approval seeker. Her self-worth isn’t dependent on anyone’s words. Her confidence isn’t reliant on her fitting into society’s ideal of beauty. She has learned that blaming others for her misfortunes means giving her power away. She isn’t hungry for love. She loves herself enough. Every inch of her body is filled with it.

She doesn’t buy into the propaganda that there is healing to be done. She doesn’t accept ludicrous perceptions that there is a long road to be traveled for her to reach her highest self. She understands that it is already flowing through her veins.

She expresses herself with no abandon.

She recognises that suffering arises from the same place that joy does. She meets challenge with ease. She allows tears to flow when they flood her eyes. She is a master of anger. She moves pain artfully.

She is unafraid to sit with herself and with you through anything. She is a mighty space holder.

She keeps a light heart, remembering that this life is a beautiful mystery, a cosmic joke to be enjoyed, laughed at and played with.

She knows that there are a multitude of solutions to any challenge and she taps into the creative source of all to manoeuvre her way through whatever is thrown her way.

She is connected to her pleasure. The touch of the wind against her skin brings her into ecstasy. The sensation of sweat rolling down her back tantalises her. The rebound of the earth against the soles of her feet makes her moan.

When she walks into a room, everyone receives a hit of her medicine. Her embodiment is contagious. You can feel her from a mile away.

Her wild splendor comes through in her walk, in her dance, in the way she touches herself, in the way she touches you. There is nothing she is trying to cover up. She shows herself without inhibition.

She loves. She loves softly. She loves fiercely. She lives in love. In love with herself, in love with you, in love with beauty, in love with ugly, in love with dark, in love with light.

She loves all but she isn’t friends with everyone. She is totally and completely herself and in her full authenticity, she knows that she will not always be liked. She doesn’t need to be liked to feel complete within herself.

She overflows with love even when she is alone.

She does not need a man to fill any empty spaces within her. She wants to be with a man who will meet her. But she will not settle for anything less.

She knows of the extraordinary power she holds and she uses it to spread good in this world.

For her, comparison and competition amongst women is absurd. Looking into a woman’s eyes, she sees herself.

She is at home in her beauty, in her power, in her wisdom. When she sees another women owning these parts within herself, she howls out in praise.

I want to live in a world full of embodied women.



10/11/2019 by Kalissa

Actually brought tears to my eyes. So much truth in these words, it absolutely earths the phenomenal power women hold inside themselves but are cultured to suppress. It also highlights my own fears and self-suppression and makes me realise how much I project them onto my own daughter, a woman in the making who will live under the same fake fucking veil of self-loathing and fear that I have forged all of my self image around if I don't woman-up and love the fuck out of myself. Even the shit bits. Thank you for giving such gracefully empowering words to the strength and beauty inherent inside every woman, the embodiment I hope my little girl will recognize in herself as a woman.

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