1:1 Mentorship

A mentorship is for those women who are feeling called to take up more space in the wisdom and power that they have come here to be. This journey will take you on a descent into your body. I use a somatic therapeutic approach to help you reweave your relationship to your body and re-member it as your vessel to transformation and empowerment. There are many modalities out there with a sole focus on the light and which guide a transcendence of the body. This is not that kind of space. This work is embodiment work. It will guide you into listening to, feeling and expressing through the body so that healing and stepping into your power become viscerally accessible.

A one-on-one embodiment mentorship with me is a process of working together intimately and consistently over an extended period of time. Together, we create a safe and confidential space to dive into themes that have held you back in life and to bring yourself into alignment with the woman you are here to be. There are a multitude of practices that we use in sessions, including embodied meditation, voice activation, somatic movement, talk therapy, breath work, archetypal work, etc. Ultimately, each meeting will be tailored to bringing you in closer relationship to your body and to a life that you deeply desire.

For years, I had a strict yoga practice, where it was consistently reiterated to me that I needed to transcend the body in order to ‘wake up’. At that time, I didn’t know what I wanted, I hated my body, I was always asking what my purpose was, I had unhealed traumas that I didn’t know what to do with, I was super sensitive and I had little to no boundaries. But when I discovered the path of embodiment and I was guided back home to my body, it was like receiving a key that revealed a path to living a life that felt worth living. Therefore, presencing myself in my body gave me access to understanding myself more clearly and untying the knots that were holding me back from living with soul and with purpose.

There are many modalities out there that point to alleviating the human experience through transcending the body. This can be seductive in its promise to magically erase all of our pains and problems. But we must question if going down that road truly leads to significant transformation. The ‘love and light’ culture of spirituality has created so much unclarity in how to traverse the layers of our humanness. In a world of guides who are telling us that being human is not sacred, it makes it unclear as to whether or not we can in fact become empowered beings and still be human. More and more women in particular are reclaiming their power through connecting deeply with their bodies and are no longer willing to buy into the belief that it is shameful or unspiritual to do so.

When I work with a woman, I hold my energy and attention on the unique unfolding of her and so I only work with a select few women at any given time. This process is deep and goes through many layers. Throughout the time that we work together, I hold you in my prayers and I also hold you accountable to doing the work. I only work with women who are serious about going deep into themselves and feel ready to discover their potent medicine in this life and claim their sovereignty.

We as women tend to be so giving outwardly of ourselves that we forget it is only in being held that we can become more capable of holding others. As a lone wolf myself, I have resisted seeking guidance from others in the past, but going about my journey on my own has only ever taken me so far. Having my teachers, mentors and guides has been absolutely essential in becoming who I am today. The personal growth that has occurred on my path because of the women who have laid out their paths before me is invaluable. We need each other and this is why I offer myself in service to you. There is nothing more that I want than to see a world full of women in their power.

Embarking on a mentorship with me begins with an initial consultation in which we get a chance to meet and discover if working together feels in alignment with what you are seeking. From there, we design a contract unique to your journey and desired intentions. The mentorship will be custom tailored for your needs.

If you are feeling called to move ahead in an embodied mentorship, feel welcome to write me here and we can set up an initial session.